Our animal companions

It’s never a cliché to say that dogs are man’s best friends. Who else greets us in the morning whatever their mood is. This is something humans highly value and open their hearts to, no matter if it is a dog or any other being from the animal kingdom. They are ever grateful for endearment and a little bit of attention. There are some of us who couldn’t imagine life without their animal friends, as well as ones who would never opt to own a pet under any circumstance. So, we were eager to see which group you as members of WoL belong to and decided to browse through your weeks. The frequency with which you document your pets has pleasantly surprised us, and we found ourselves in a tough spot trying to select only 50 out of so many wonderful pictures. We aimed for an easy photo topic this time and focused on your pets with all their spontaneity and sensuality, in order to try and put a smile on your face.

Pavlína Baudyšová, Student, Czech Republic

Dagmar Luhringova, Chemist, Czech Republic

Nikita Shokhov, Photographer, Russia

Martin Sole, Technician, Czech Republic

David Bray, Saleperson,Czech Republic

Hana Vybíralová,Nurse, Czech Republic

Liza, Photographer, Russia

Barbora Budková, Parental leave, Czech Republic

Hana Gela, Foreign languages instructor, Czech Republic

Jan Nožička, Photographer, Czech Republic

Daria Zvedeninova, Journalist, Russia

Barbara Havlíková, Parental leave, Czech Republic

Viktoria Filipková, Student, Slovakia

Irena Bucharová, Project co-ordinator, Czech Republic

Sergei Rogozkin, Professor, Russia

Karel Vaněk, Technician, Czech Republic

Marcel Fujcik, Photographer, Czech Republic

Maria Frolova, Student, Russia

Kamil Kašpárek, Purchaser, Czech Republic

Václav Novotný, Programmer, Czech Republic

Jana Melišová, Graphic designer, Slovakia

Jana Srbová, Student, Czech Republic

Jonathan Slee, Architect, United Kingdom

Jiří Rajs, Retired, Czech Republic

Martina Matějková, Technician, Czech Republic

Natasha Pavlova,Journalist, Russia

Arina Kuranova, Student, Czech Republic

Kristýna Fischlová, Student, Czech Republic

Šárka Lisníková, Cook, Czech Republic

Hana Major Sládková, Photographer, Czech Republic

Pavel Jirat, Manager, Kuwait

Zuzana Bobovníková, Photographer, Czech Republic

Kateřina Hladká, Secretary, Czech Republic

Karel Kuran,Manager, Belize

Václav Pavlíček, Student, Czech Republic

Antonín Malý, Photographer, Czech Republic

Vera Lesenko,Retired, Russia

Jan Urbánek, Businessperson, Czech Republic

Martina Štolbová, Teacher, Czech Republic

Nick Bochenin, Photographer, Russia

Lubomír Budný, Student, Czech Republic

Vlad Gerasimov, Ilustrator, Russia

Jan Belej, IT, Czech Republic

Светлана Вавилова, Enterpreneur, Russia

Veronika Sussmannova, Translator, Czech Republic

Pavel Narbutovskih, Engineer, Russia

Valerisanek, Saleperson, Czech Republic

Andrew Matusik, Photographer, Alabama

Karolína Vlčková, Student, Czech Republic

Natasha Pavlova, Journalist, Russia

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