Last Added: A week in the city of Přerov

Dear members of Week of Life,

You have surely noticed that today’s selection of sets in the Last Added section is a little different than usual. All of the added weeks have two characteristics in common – the same city and the same time period.

A member of Wol, Mrs. Zuzana Bobovníková, addressed us with an idea that she would like to document a week of the city of Přerov, along with several other photographers that live in the area. We have welcomed the idea with open hands as we have noticed that you enjoy documenting the area where you live and since the Week of Life goes by the phrase ‘Life on earth through the eyes of its inhabitants’, this is a perfect example that focuses on one place in particular – the city of Přerov.

Organizing such an event is never easy and we highly value the effort and dedication of the people that made it possible. Thanks to Zuzana Bobvníková, Dana Cagaš, Vladimír Caletka, David Bray and the WoL member Valerisanek, we now have the chance to look at the same week through the perspective of 5 different individuals and see their way of portraying the city, the locations they visit and how they spend their time each day.

Team WoL wishes you a pleasant tour into lives of the Přerov folk.

Příspěvek byl publikován v rubrice News a jeho autorem je Zdeněk Kamrla. Můžete si jeho odkaz uložit mezi své oblíbené záložky nebo ho sdílet s přáteli.

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