Functionality: Favorite Weeks

We have prepared a new function for you that will ease your orientation, focusing on weeks that have caught your attention or ones you would like to come back to. We understand that the continuous increase of the number of weeks makes it harder for you to find what you need and we hope that you will be pleased with the option to add the weeks you like to a special section called Favorite weeks.

How? It’s very simple.

With every week that you are currently viewing there are 5 buttons, each with a different function. At the very top you can find the Add to Favorites button (symbol of a heart).

Oblibene tydny

When you select it, the currently opened week is added to the list of your favorite weeks, located in the section ‘My Weeks’ and placed under the list of your personal photographed weeks.

Oblibene tydny

Individual weeks are sorted based on the date when they were added and can be deleted at any time, as well as shared on Facebook.

Have a nice day, Week of Life team

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