New member of WoL team: Zdeněk Dvořák

As of this day, we present you Mr. Zdeněk Dvořák as a Photo Assessment Manager of the project WoL who will take care of its visual aspect.

The moment we have received his first week, we knew we were dealing with a master of photography. To our utmost happiness, Zdeněk Dvořák developed an emotional bond with the Week of Life project and we can now regularly look forward to his new exciting weeks, soon to make up a whole year of his life.

His photographic artistry and dedication to documenting his own life has inspired us in such a way that we have decided to involve Mr. Dvořák in the development process of the project. As of this day, we present him not only as one of the members of WoL, but also as a Photo Assessment Manager of the project who will take care of its visual aspect.

What does Mr. Dvořák have to say about his involvement in the project?

”I have joined the project with great desire. Documenting lives of people is my favorite theme so I have not hesitated for one moment when asked to join. Most internet galleries grant space to only individual photographs. Each has its own story and you can’t send a series of photographs to depict a certain event. Within the scope of Week of Life, you photograph life in the time span of one week and then show it to the world as a complex unit. This has inspired me in large and fulfilled my ideals about photography ever since. The idea to document a whole year of my life came to mind in the beginning of January. Why have I established my self under such a time-consuming project? I too ask my self that from time to time 🙂 There are several reasons. Firstly, I want to try something that can further develop my photographic potential. Next, I feel the need to overcome the fact that life is consumed by time and learn to see the ordinary. But most importantly, as our second child will be born while documenting a year of my life, I have the opportunity to give my baby a beautiful gift in form of a ‘few’ photographs. He or she will be able to see the time spent growing in the belly of a proud mother.”

We are looking forward to our future cooperation with Mr. Dvořák and wish you a pleasant day.

Your WoL team.


Functionality: Notifications on new contributions

We would like to introduce you to a new functionality of our pages.
You have certainly noticed that there is a new function „Alert when new contribution to the discussion“.

Thanks to this button, you will never forget a discussion that you are interested in and you will get a notice either in your Week of Life inbox or to your mailbox.

Week of Life notifications

If you want to change notifications settings where and how they should be delivered, go to My Account and choose User email tab (picture)

Week of Life notifications

In every row you can find one type of notification. Each type of notification can be set to your internal Week of Life inbox or to your regular email.

Week of Life notifications

If you turn off  „Alert when new contribution to the discussion“, all notifications concerning new contribution to a discussion that you have followed so far will be turned off. List of all discussions that you follow is at the bottom of the page (picture). By clicking on the icon of the trash bin next to a discussion, you will turn off notifications only to that specific discussion.

Week of Life notifications

We hope that this new functionality will make the Week fo Life webpage more comfortable for you and that it will make your time spend on Week of Life more pleasant.

Have a nice day, Week of Life team

New section: Authors´column

The author’s column is of a different nature than other sections of Week of Life. It’s that very part which should ponder about the essence and the endeavor regarding the viability of this colossal documentary project, with WoL surely deserving such praise, having witnessed many aspects of human life and different fates. The columns and their authors respectively, should derive their thoughts from this very idea, draw the energy from the photos themselves and thereafter process that and put on paper in a way typical of their narrative style, presenting us with advice, suggestions, the knowledge they’ve gained or simply ‘just’ their prudent ideas. These ideas should not only be educational, but perhaps also a little scientific. They should not be beneficial only to the people that are already a part of the WoL project, but also to those that somehow find their way here coming from a different world. Maybe then and as a result they will like it here JUST THAT BIT MORE and decide to stay.