Laying of the first stone of a new Children’s Home

Dear Week of Life members,

We would like to bring your attention to the achievements of Jiří Pergl, founder of the foundation called One More Day for Children, who successfully overcame all of the administrative and financial obstacles during his last visit and with the help of his associates, officially laid the first stone of a new Children’s Home in the Doldol settlement in Kenya. This Children’s Home will provide care for children whose unfortunate fate not only took their parents away, but left them infected with the HIV virus, in many cases with the incurable disease of AIDS.

Základní kámen dětského domova

Jiří, we wish you good luck in your sublime plans and are glad that we can help and be part of this remarkable achievement.

A good day to you all from the WoL team.

Last Added: A week in the city of Přerov

Dear members of Week of Life,

You have surely noticed that today’s selection of sets in the Last Added section is a little different than usual. All of the added weeks have two characteristics in common – the same city and the same time period.

A member of Wol, Mrs. Zuzana Bobovníková, addressed us with an idea that she would like to document a week of the city of Přerov, along with several other photographers that live in the area. We have welcomed the idea with open hands as we have noticed that you enjoy documenting the area where you live and since the Week of Life goes by the phrase ‘Life on earth through the eyes of its inhabitants’, this is a perfect example that focuses on one place in particular – the city of Přerov.

Organizing such an event is never easy and we highly value the effort and dedication of the people that made it possible. Thanks to Zuzana Bobvníková, Dana Cagaš, Vladimír Caletka, David Bray and the WoL member Valerisanek, we now have the chance to look at the same week through the perspective of 5 different individuals and see their way of portraying the city, the locations they visit and how they spend their time each day.

Team WoL wishes you a pleasant tour into lives of the Přerov folk.

WoL Russia: Official launch

Dear members of Week of Life,

We are extremely pleased to inform you that on the 6th of September 2010, we have registered the company Week of Life Russia and today’s date marks another special occasion; we are officially launching the Russian version of the Week of Life project. Our editor’s office has welcomed 3 new members: Oleg Tyagni-Ryadno (Project Manger), Sergei Rogozhkin (Project Executive) and Tatiana Tebneva (Translator, Text Editor).

Thousands of kilometers between us are no obstacle and our cooperation has become a success. We highly value the contribution of our Russian members and at the same time, we are glad to share with others the chance to become acquainted with the lives of people living in Russia, such a large and diverse country.

We hope that in the near future, we will be able to cooperate with yet another country, so that we can monitor the common and ordinary, as well as unique and rare, days of its citizens.

Wishing you a great day from the entire WoL team!

New section WoL Interviews: Interview with Patrik Elias

For section WoL Interviews’ historic first interview we feature Patrik Elias, all-time leading scorer for the New Jersey Devils. The parallels between him and the Week of Life Project aren’t simply a shared origin in the Czech Republic and current success in the US, but also a mutual interest in the well being of others as exemplified by Elias’ activities with UNICEF.

Number of photos on WoL: 50.000

50 000 photographs – that is 50 000 captured moments in lives of people living across 31 countries of the whole world, 50 000 instants and memories, which will never be repeated and if so, they will not offer the same feelings and enjoyment you have experienced the first time.

Today, we’d like to thank you for this amazing number that adorns our website and which we can celebrate especially thanks to you, the members of the expanding family of the Week of Life project.

We hope that you will continue sharing your lives for many years to come and that we will celebrate together the extraordinary milestone of a 100 000 photographs.

Thank you,
Your WoL team

Week of Life Magazine OUT NOW!

Week of Life MagazineWe are proud to introduce the first ever issue of WoL Magazine! We strongly believe that its readers will be interested in the idea behind the WoL project, and eagerly await new sets full of lives of prospective members from across the world.

Week of Life Magazine is in electronic form only and is available through Zinio, the biggest electronic magazine distributor worldwide.


New section: My profession

Our life is largely influenced by the professions that we experience during the course of our lifelong existence. Each and every one is specific in its own way and has an interesting side to it, but there are certainly ones that ask for exceptional determination, nerve, or at times a large dosage of humor. Through the medium of our WoL users, employed in one of these so-called ‘unusual’ jobs, we would like to introduce the positives as well as negatives of each profession, but mainly look at the reasons behind the profession being so enticing and attractive.

Functionality: Favorite Weeks

We have prepared a new function for you that will ease your orientation, focusing on weeks that have caught your attention or ones you would like to come back to. We understand that the continuous increase of the number of weeks makes it harder for you to find what you need and we hope that you will be pleased with the option to add the weeks you like to a special section called Favorite weeks.

How? It’s very simple.

With every week that you are currently viewing there are 5 buttons, each with a different function. At the very top you can find the Add to Favorites button (symbol of a heart).

Oblibene tydny

When you select it, the currently opened week is added to the list of your favorite weeks, located in the section ‘My Weeks’ and placed under the list of your personal photographed weeks.

Oblibene tydny

Individual weeks are sorted based on the date when they were added and can be deleted at any time, as well as shared on Facebook.

Have a nice day, Week of Life team