ISM – I Shot Myself

What could be more inviting to make self-portraits than the very task of our Week of Life documentary. As you all certainly know, the project guidelines state that as the author you should always have the camera in your hand or at least set it yourself and shoot using the self-timer. This is why we eagerly looked forward to the choice of this topic, as we anticipated that the creativity would be endless. On the other hand we had to devote quite a lot of effort into it, especially because there really was a huge pile of photographs, and it was not at all easy to sort them and select the final 50, which we bring you here today. They are definitely not short on imagination and creativity, which is why comparing the different styles is quite entertaining. If you find that you don’t see photographs from rear and side automobile mirrors, be assured that in the near future these will be included in a separate topic category. So let’s look at how you see yourselves and how beautiful the self-portraits you’ve been able to create are.

Milan Rejholec, Student, Czech Republic

Miguel Apolinario, Photographer, Portugal

Stanislav Pokorný, Photographer, Czech Republic

Eva Mueller, Photographer, New York

Jiří Křenek, Photographer, Czech Republic

Federico Ciamei, Designer, Italy

Zdeněk Dvořák, Special education needs teacher, Czech Republic

Il Em, None, Slovakia

Stanislava Kopáčková, Model, Czech Republic

Petr Lindner, Editor-in-chief, Czech Republic

František Zíka, Skateboarder, Czech Republic

Alex Galmenau, Photographer, Romania

Jiří Heller, Photographer, Czech Republic

Martina Watzková, Student, Czech Republic

Miroslav Sanytrák, Consultant, Czech Republic

Michael Agel, Photographer, Germany

Lubomír Budný, Student, Czech Republic

Mojmír Gayer, Retired, Czech Republic

Stanko Abadzic, Teacher, Croatia

Rob Trnka, Photographer, Czech Republic

Hana Růžičková, Photographer, Czech Republic

Jiří Hrdlička, Technician, Czech Republic

Vincent Sagart, Designer, Washington, D.C.

Eva Staňková, Curator, Czech Republic

Adam Zíka, Student, Czech Republic

Veronika Souralová, Photographer, Czech Republic

Pasi Heiskanen, Web designer, Finland

Petr Schel, Sculptor, Czech Republic

Lucie Červinková, Student, Czech Republic

Nadya Domashneva, Designer, Samoa

Igor Faltus, Graphic designer, Czech Republic

Tereza z Davle, Photographer, Czech Republic

Radek Štumpauer, Welder, Czech Republic

Rick Minnich, Film director, Germany

Tomáš Vojta, Technician, Czech Republic

Marja Palosuo, Architect, Sweden

Ivo Hausner, Photographer, Czech Republic

Martina Pavlíková, Marketing director, Slovakia

Gabriela Gernat Ksandr, Photographer, Germany

Irena Bucharová, Project co-ordinator, Czech Republic

Peter Hájek, Pharmacist, Czech Republic

coswig, Student, Utah

Vladimír Brunton, Photographer, Czech Republic

Marta Duchoslavová, Physiotherapist, Czech Republic

Přemysl Čech, Student, Czech Republic

Carina Sundqvist, Producer, Sweden

Eva Durčáková, Parental leave, France

Ctibor Košťál, Photographer, Czech Republic

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