Canon Digital IXUS 200 IS

Only demanding photographers are willing to carry around heavy equipment. The common user prefers smaller and lighter devices, which can be carried around in a small bag. And if a camera is literally pocket-sized, has an attractive design and interesting functions, its success on the market is guaranteed. This is all true of the Canon Digital IXUS 200 IS.

The IXUS line of digital cameras by Canon has always been popular with people who notice and appreciate interesting design. This holds true for the newest model, the IXUS 200 IS, as well. The oblong flat body with round edges is, to a large degree, metal-coated. You can choose from a selection of four colors: gold, silver, light blue and violet. Anthracite black sides elegantly contrast with the high glossy silver rim around the lens.

Foto Canon Foto Canon
Foto Canon

The camera has dimensions comparable to a common mobile phone. In the switched off mode, the lens is entirely hidden in the body of the camera and is automatically protected by a multi-plate cover, so, in fact, nothing prevents carrying an IXUS 200 IS in one’s pocket.

This pocket jewel does not lack, however, for photographic equipment. The device is equipped with a 12Mpx sensor, which may be too much for most users, but this resolution does make it possible to work with greater cutouts from images and do other similar tasks.

Canon IXUS 200 IS – in short
Resolution 12 Mpx
Optics 24–120 mm, stabilization
Video HD (1 280 × 720 px)

The optics of this camera are well worth noting. Canon used a 5x zoom with a range of 24–120 mm. You can therefore work with a wide-angle image of 24 mm, helpful for example when taking photographs indoors but also for wide landscapes. The “long” end of the zoom 120 mm is ideal for creating portraits of your close ones and friends.

Super Features
Touch screen
Wide-angle lens
Pocket size
Attractive design

The lens is also equipped with a stabilizer, which greatly reduces the risk of capturing blurry images, even in poor light conditions.

Foto Canon Foto Canon

Examining the top and back side of IXUS 200 IS reveals an unusually small number of controls. On the top side you will find only the shutter button with a zoom lever, a small main power switch and a mode selector on the left. The back side includes a large display, two sizeable buttons and a four-way select switch. Canon thoroughly uses all positions to assign direct access to selected functions, thereby eliminating the need for at least four buttons.

Foto Canon Foto Canon

But the other, more significant reason for the austere equipment is the use of a touch screen. While taking photographs you can select the program or scene mode, flash setting and exposure correction by tapping on the touch screen. The option to set a focus point is excellent—you simply point with your finger to the place you wish to focus and the rest will be taken care of by the camera. Even if you move the device slightly, the focus point will stay where you desire it. In viewing mode you can browse through the images by moving your finger across the screen, increase the image’s size by touch, play video sequences, etc. In addition, the IXUS 200 IS is equipped with a touch sensor, which not only automatically turns images on the display while you view them, but also enables you to move individual images while viewing them by moving the whole camera.

Foto Canon Foto Canon Foto Canon
Foto Canon Foto Canon Foto Canon
Super Features
Fast optics
Top image quality
Compact size

Overall evaluation

The Canon Digital IXUS 200 IS provides photographs with natural color rendition and renders excellent detail resolution and sharpness of image. You do not have to worry about unpleasant digital noise with this device—up to ISO 400 sensitivity the results are excellent, while at ISO 800 the noise distracts a little, we recommend using the highest sensitivity of ISO 1,600 only sporadically. The camera operates very well, the touch screen is a pleasant above-average feature, and there is a menu in a number of languages. The battery will provide for between 250 to 300 images. The price of more than eight thousand Crowns is rather high in the digital cameras category, but the elegant design (with the option of selecting color), pocket-size and excellent image quality account for the bump in price.

Common price (at the time of the review being published): $352

Basic technical data Canon Digital IXUS 200 IS


CCD 1/2,3″
12 Mpx (4 000 × 3 000 px)
Sensitivity ISO 80 to 1,600


24–120 mm F2.8–5.9
Optical stabilization

Memory medium


Data formats

Image: JPEG
Video: MOV


1 280 × 720 px, 30 fps
640 × 480 px, 30 fps
320 × 240 px, 30 fps
Mono sound


Screen size 3” (76 mm)
230 000 px
Touch screen

Power supply

Li-Ion battery

Dimensions and weight

100 × 54 × 23 mm (w × h × d)
150 g (incl. battery and memory card)

Foto Canon Foto Canon
Foto Canon Foto Canon
Foto Canon Foto Canon
Foto Canon Foto Canon
Foto Canon Foto Canon
Foto Canon Foto Canon
Foto Canon Foto Canon
Foto Canon
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